Articles on Sino-Indian Border Dispute

A few articles on China India Border Dispute. The list will expand continuously

Henderson Brooks Report as released by Neville Maxwell on his website (


An excellent new resource – Addis Papers with the Introduction by Neville Maxwell. The Papers are crucial in giving a certain unconventional perspective on India-China border war. [Please cite it as – J. M. Addis Papers, n.d., Available from]

Dibyesh Anand’s comment piece on ‘The Ghost of 1962 War’ for Seven Sisters Post (November 20 and 21 2011)

Neville Maxwell’s comment piece on Tawang and 1962 War for Seven Sisters Post (November 20 and 21 2011)

Neville Maxwell on Henderson Brooks Report (HBR) –Maxwell Introduction to HENDERSON BROOKS REPORT; a comprehensive article updating to his India’s China WarMaxwellPaperEPWBorderDisputeReconsidered and an article from Critical Asian Studies (NevilleMaxwellCAStudies2003Paper). A new paper – Neville Maxwell China’s India War.

John Garver on 1962 war (Garver on 1962); on China-India-US triangle (GarverChinaIndiaUSRelations)

M Taylor Fravel on China and the use/nonuse of force in boundary settlement – An introduction to his book (FravelChinaBorders), an article on the use of force(fravel.2005.IS.regime.insecurity), and another article on China’s territorial boundaries(fravel.2008.IS.power.shfits.escalation)

Classified History of 1962 War written by two Indian authors (1962ClassifiedHistory)

Srinath Raghavan’s few articles relevant to the border issue (1253181057-EPW SinoIndian Bdy_Srinath; 1253180790-CMR China Crisis_Srinath; 1263975668-Chinese Puzzle_EPW_Srinath)

Two papers sent by Virendra Verma from India, one on Aksai Chin (VirendraVermaPaperBorderDispute) and on Tibet (VirendraVermaPaperTibetIssueMay2010)

Zorawar Daulet Singh and Mohan Guruswamy, authors of two books on China-India (Guruswamy&Singh India China Relations – Chapter 2 and Guruswamy&Singh India China Relations – Chapter 3

Zorawar Daulet Singh on the causes of 1962 war at

Dibyesh Anand on China-India-Tibet-Kashmir Sovereignty and Separatism in China and India: The Myth of Difference


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